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    You know that life comes at you fast, the same can be true of the opposite.
    Be prepared with the right Life Insurance policy for you and your family.

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    Protect your health. Protect their health.
    Compare your options and find a healthcare policy to protect your family and your wallet.

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    Choosing your Medicare Plan doesn't have to be complicated. SteeleLife Solutions has the education you need to feel confident in the plan you pick.


Welcome To SteeleLife Solutions

Where We Help Ensure Your Future

At SteeleLife Solutions we believe in a different way to sell insurance and we believe in a different way to buy insurance. As an independent insurance agency we consider it our responsibility to represent our clients on THEIR terms.

Having insurance is about two things first and foremost: Peace of mind and protection. We know that the largest obstacle a client faces when shopping for their policy is finding the un-biased education they need to make the best choice available for themselves and their families.

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What we Offer

SteeleLife Solutions is an independent insurance agency that offers our clients the most comprehensive and affordable life insurance, health insurance, dental vision & hearing insurance and Medicare insurance.


We are contracted with over 60 different insurance carriers and have the technology that allows our clients to not only quote their own policies, but to write their own policies as well.


Our Learning Center articles offer general guidelines that can be used as a foundation of knowledge.


In addition to our educational articles we also offer free one on one, over the phone consultations for anyone looking to learn more about the products that we offer.

Daniel Farlow

Happy Client

Kahl Steele is not only an incredible agent but also an incredible person. A veteran, a family man, and a friend. I highly recommend Kahl to anyone who needs coverage in CA for Health or Life insurance. His support and kindness will make it very worthwhile.

Jeff Pederson

Happy Client

Kahl is a stand up guy, and a veteran. If you need insurance products be sure to see Kahl. He's local, and supports our local community!

Renee Shannon

Happy Client

Kahl Steele is very knowledgeable in the insurance industry. He works hard for his clients and easily accessible if you have questions about insurance!
I would highly recommend Kahl!

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